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By: New Earth Healing Arts  02/02/2015
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Reiki is simply life-force energy that the practitioner facilitates increased flow of through the recipient. This allows the client's OWN healing processes to work better. So I, nor any Reiki healer, is considered to be healing the recipient - I simply help YOUR body better heal itself. Ultimately, what do you GET from Reiki? The amazing beauty of it is that you get whatever YOUR body, mind, spirit NEEDS. Reiki is best known for lowering stress and markers of stress like blood pressure. It leaves recipients feeling relaxed and refreshed. It aids in emotional healing - feeling stuck with emotional trauma, anxiety, self-doubt, you name it? Reiki can help release that. Because no two people are the same, the benefits you receive are going to be uniquely what you need most. So experience Reiki with me, a trained Reiki Master (the highest level of training), and find more ease in YOUR life! Reiki is often best explained with analogies. You may know that the heart has its own energy field, an electrical field. It's so powerful it can be measured with medical EKG/ECG machines (Electrocardiogram). You also may know that the brain too has it's own powerful electrical energy field, measurable - the medical field can measure this with an EEG (Electroencephalogram). Other parts of the body and the entire body have their own energy fields. They are more subtle, which may be why they are not as easy to measure in ways that satisfy Western medicine. However, Eastern medicine has recognized the subtler energy fields of the body for thousands of years. The energy that powers these fields comes from our life-force energy. This is the energy that makes us alive. This is the energy that powers and drives healing. Our bodies are loaded with energy flows - every human body cell has a nerve supply to it. Nerve signal includes an electrical impulse. If these are difficult concepts for you, think about the analogy of cutting your finger. What do YOU have to do to heal your finger? What do you consciously have to do heal that cut? NOTHING. Your body has an innate intelligence and order that heals that cut without you consciously doing anything or even being aware of HOW it's happening. In fact, you have healing happening on a constant basis inside your body that you are never even aware of, as your body is constantly repairing itself and renewing itself from daily wear and tear. What does Reiki involve? It's simply the client relaxing comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table, while I gently lay hands on or hold my hands above various areas of the body. It can be both subtle and profound. And it's like most things in life - the more you receive Reiki treatments, the more you gain, and the more regularly you receive Reiki treatments, the faster the gains can be. Some people feel very profound sensations. Some people may feel nothing at all beyond the deep relaxation of the experience. But not feeling anything does NOT mean it's "not working." This is mainly because Reiki does not only work on just a physical level, but on all levels of being: emotional, mental, and spiritual as well. It works by bringing all these levels of being into balance, which allows your own healing energy to flow more freely. There are other factors that can influence what you do or not feel feel during the session, including how in touch with, or aware you are of, your own body. People who are "good" at ignoring their pain, pushing it to the back of their mind, or subconscious, are a prime example of those who may notice less about their body sensations. It's difficult to not judge something by what you can't always sense in some way; it's human nature. But the benefits of Reiki emerge nonetheless. Just like that cut on your finger that your body healed - did you feel it healing? Probably not. Did it still heal? Yes it did. Did you have to believe it for it to heal? Didn't matter.

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