APD Diagnosis

APD Diagnosis from Northwest Auditory Processing Clinic

By: Northwest Auditory Processing Clinic  03/11/2016
Keywords: Auditory Processing Disorder, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder Treatment

Dichotic Tests - Dichotic tests present a different auditory stimulus to each ear simultaneously. Monaural Low-Redundancy Speech (MLRS) Tests - MLRS tests assess auditory closure, the listener’s ability to fill in and recognize an acoustic signal when parts of the signal are missing or by changing frequency, temporal or intensity characteristics. Temporal Processing Tests - Temporal processing tests measure the listener’s ability to recognize the order or pattern of nonverbal auditory signals. Binaural Interaction Tests - Binaural interaction tests assess “binaural fusion,” the listener’s ability to take incomplete information presented to each ear and fuse the information into an understandable signal.

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