Dog Bath Tub - Professional Dog Wash Tub by DogTubs™

Dog Bath Tub - Professional Dog Wash Tub by DogTubs™ from DogTubs™

By: DogTubs™  04/21/2015
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DOG WASH TUBS by DogTubs™ Our designed dog wash tub is unique! Build your dog washing station elevated, this is about comfort, so you can wash your pet without bending in too far, and that helps from not getting back pain! I have seen wider dog tubs in the market, and washing the pet and he tends to lean away toward the other side of the dog tub. Again their dog wash tub is much open space, and getting tired of reaching and pulling him over, this will hurt your back! My answer is shortening your reach by narrow and elevated DogTubs™! No need to gather your pet, why? By narrowing, it to 30 inches across by 60 inches outside, 24 inches on the inside of the dog wash tub to the top rail cap, and this keeps the dog close to you. In our dropped-down design, the upper rail cap is notched 3 feet wide and 3 inches down, this helps in reaching distances without the need to dip into or bend downward into the tub. Elevating the dog tub at variable heights, helps for those are shorter and with someone who is slightly taller. Therefore, washing your pet from both sides is perfect for couples washing their dog together, and this makes enjoyable time bonding with their dog without the back pain. We recommend that several dog wash tubs to be at different heights, shorter tub wash bases at 42″ to start and up to 46″ for the taller customers. Once your try our dog wash tubs (DogTubs™) you will be using them forever after! We believe comfort is most important to make your customers happy! To bathe your dogs without the back-pain in association with from bending forward and reaching down inside because all dog wash tubs in the self-service dog wash shops are exactly alike with no comfort in design made. Can you image yourself over the side of dog wash tub and by time you finish washing and drying your dog, your back is in pain. This shouldn’t be an awful experience when washing your pet, and now feel what your customers would be like in that horrible situation. Would they come again for another time to wash their dog? I would say not!

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Dog Bath Tub - Professional Dog Wash Tub

We make the best dog wash tub system with comfortability in mind, of course, we all love our dogs but washing them should not be a discomfort.