Cosmetic Acupuncture grabs the headlines

By: Acupuncture Torbay  02/01/2015
Keywords: Botox, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Leg Pain Despite my 'needle phobia' I found the whole experience quite enjoyable - all tingly and warming. After all the insertions i rested on the couch and drifted in and out of a nice doze until the needles were removed. Kim predicted that the results wouldn't show for a couple of days and that I would need a series of treatments to see real results. However, just one day later, I had more energy and my skin looked warmer and healthier, the fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes were visibly smoother, and what I didn't expect at all, the few spots which were a permenant feature on my face since I was a teenager, have disappeared! The International Journal of Acupuncture has shown that Cosmetic Acupuncture is 90% effective, results last three to five years but it is a good idea to have top ups to maintain the effect If I had these results based on just one treatment I do believe that my problem skin after a series of treatments would be problem free! (Extract from; "Kim comes to the point and leaves me wanting more". Herald Express 18/8/2010. Written by Ania Bloomberg - Gahan

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