Bid, Performance, Payment Bonds

By: Surety West  12/30/2015
Keywords: Performance Bonds, Construction Bonds, Surety Bonding

If you are looking for local city, county, state or other municipality work - we can help you get or increase your bonding capacity. For small jobs we can provide performance bonds up to $350,000 single project and a total of $700,000 aggregate allowing you to take on several projects at once with only a one page application, no financial statements, and you can expect one-day turnaround. For larger projects I can increase bonding capacity or provide more lines allowing you to take on more projects than your present bond line allows for now. Reach out to us if you’re enthusiastic about exploring what Surety West can do for you and your ability to get more work. We have great license and permit bond rates too. For select states and credit types we have license bonds for generals starting at $120 annually and $100 annually for subcontractors.

Keywords: bid bonds, Construction Bonds, Contract Bond, Payment Bonds, Performance Bond, Performance Bonds, Surety Bonding

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Contractors License Bonds

License bonds for General Contractors, Artisan, Specialty, and Subcontractors. Rates in select states start as low as $120 annually for general contractors and $100 annually for subcontractors! Call (253) 275-0200 or visit

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Bonds for Contractors

Get ready for a profitable construction season now by getting your bonds in order. If your a contractor and your interested in getting bonded or increasing your bond capacity for government projects - I can help. I write city permit bonds, county permit bonds, subdivision bonds, plat bonds, bid bonds, performance bonds, and payment bonds. Contact me if you need help getting approval for a bond. Thank you, Chad Wigington [email protected]