By: Global Telematics  08/18/2014
Keywords: Organizational Development, Transportation Planning, Public Transit

Identifying and melding telework and teleservice (including telecommuting, videoconferencing, and electronic service delivery) into business opportunities, plans, and policy. We have a performance-oriented, analytical perspective, as opposed to an advocacy, promotional perspective. Help any kind of organization -- industrial, commercial, non-profit -- to improve their own operations by exploiting government interest and funding in travel demand management aimed at fighting traffic congestion and putting off construction of new roads. This service is a spin-off from our Telecommunications Deployment Strategy work in Southern California. Critical examination of existing telecommuting and telework activities for implementation opportunities as well as for improvement of business performance through redesign or rollback of telework. After two decades in the field, Global Telematics now approaches telecommuting and telework from a revisionist perspective that balances a telework and face-to-face perspective.

Keywords: Mobility Management, Organizational Development, Public Transit, Road Vehicle Automation, Transportation Demand Management, Transportation Planning,