AS-3012 Surface Area Analyzer and Pore Size Analyzer

AS-3012 Surface Area Analyzer and Pore Size Analyzer from Aimsizer Scientific Ltd.

By: Aimsizer Scientific Ltd.  07/15/2014
Keywords: Surface Area Analyzer

AS-3012 is a BET Analyzer that performs surface area analysis on ISO 9277. ISO 9277 is about determination of the specific surface area of solids by gas adsorption using the BET method. AS-3012 works on the principle of the popular physical adsorption isotherms, specifically static volumetric method.The computer controls the operation automatically without any human monitoring. AS-3012 analyzes two samples at the same time. AS-3012 operates in Windows system.The instrument can perform a single point, multi-point BET surface area, BJH mesoporous, pore distribution, pore size and total pore volume and area, and the average pore size. The specific surface area range is from 0.01m 2 / g to no limit. The pore size range is from 0.35nm to 400nm. AS-3012 is widely used in many applications. [ul][/ul]

Keywords: Surface Area Analyzer

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