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By: Fpse Sony Playstation Emulator  02/24/2016

FPse for Android is a program designed to run PlayStation One games on devices running Android Operating System 2.1 to 4.x and up. FPse for arm is a project which started in 2001, ported from the PC version, FPSE made by LDChen. Although there are so many emulators available either for free or for purchase, FPse stands out among them for the following features : Functions as the best console emulators for android Capable of scaling resolution to HD quality Supports media compression saving storage space Customization option according to player needs Support both analog and digital pads FPse android emulator can be installed directly on android devices such as smart phone or tablet or any other console that supports android operating system. Once this is done, any game exclusively available for Sony PlayStation can be downloaded to android devices effectively. The greatest benefit that FPse emulator allows is in its performance and speed factor. Pad with G-sensor and touch screen makes this android device the best pick. It is also supported with VR glasses that render wide screen quality display and quality.

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