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Web Design for Chiropractic from Chiromox

By: Chiromox  09/15/2016
Keywords: Web Design, Chiropractor Marketing

We’re sure you’ve seen them. The chiropractor websites which look “ok”. They aren’t’ really “bad” but they don’t really do much to inspire either. The industry is full of them and they’re killing chiropractor patient recruitment. They’ve become a little too convenient. A couple clicks, some handy mass produced content, some tired, old stock photos, and drop your chiropractor practice logo in place and BAM, you’ve got yourself a genuine, run-of-the-mill chiropractor website. Not too exciting if you ask us, and worse yet – we’re not the only ones taking notice, the audience you’re looking to attack see it to. They see it – and then they click away, to find a chiropractor who looks like they put time, originality, effort, and care into their website. Maybe they think if the website looks this good, they’re clients probably get treated the same way. Now we understand the fear of custom built chiropractor websites. “They’re too expensive” is the common sentiment. And up till now, they’d be right. But fear not, this is WHY Chiromox was developed. We’ve built a system and process to address this exact need. We build custom chiropractor websites in an efficient and effective process. Our websites, built for the chiropractor audience, to address the chiropractor patient’s needs and questions, will turn the heads of your competitors, but most importantly, it will place the sorely needed credibility behind your practice. Your audience can see an industry-leading, creatively executed chiropractor website representing your brand and your brand alone. Our packages all include a custom website. We interview your team, we learn what makes you unique in your market. Then our team of designers with YEARS of experience in chiropractor marketing will design your website. Here’s the best part, once your contract is up, usually after 24 months, the website is yours to keep. UNlike most other platforms with subpar design and technology, they also try to charge you to take YOUR OWN WEBSITE somewhere else. Forcing you to either start over with someone else, or pay them indefinitely, keeping you and your marketing hostage. At Chiromox, we put you on open-source, management friendly software that you can host or edit or take any where yourself after the term is up. We’re here to make sure you succeed – even if that means loosing your website. Chiromox is committed to your chiropractor practice success. Our website’s are a key part of that commitment and we stand behind them, and will put them up against any other designers working for chiropractors. If you want a leading website design, you’ve found the right team here at Chiromox. Want to talk to someone about your new website design? We’re just a call or email away. Let’s talk!

Keywords: Chiropractor Marketing, Web Design