Snow Plowing, Snow Removal

Keywords: Snow Removal, Snow Plowing, Snow Removal & Ice Control

‚Äč Welcome to WOLF Plowing Services WOLF Plowing a Professional Based Company out of the Eau Claire Area that will plow snow from home driveways or small business lots for possibly the LOWEST PRICE PER SNOW PLOW IN AREA. (Price Varies depending Seasonal Contract and month of signup) WOLF Plowing has OFFICALLY retired our gravitational plow and is now using a newly purchased 2016 Midweight Western Ultramount 2 Plow. The blade itself is approximately 9'6" across and should easily clear any standard driveway in just a few passes to save home owners and businesses, time and nuisance smaller plows would take to clear that same area. Also in addition to the normal snow blade we also have a back-blade attached to the plow to double the efficiency of back dragging that will assist clearing snow closer to the ground so salt will melt any remaining ice quicker. Plowing can be done based on a Seasonal Contract, Monthly contract or by Individual plowing as needed. So Call one of our professionals Today for a FREE ESTIMATE at (715) 256-7372.

Keywords: Snow Plowing, Snow Removal, Snow Removal & Ice Control, Snow Removal & Salting