Taxidermy Tanning Crystals

Taxidermy Tanning Crystals from Auto Tanner, LLC

By: Auto Tanner, LLC  01/15/2016
Keywords: Wildlife Taxidermy, Tanning Hides, Taxidermy Supplies

BuckTan and Arrowhead Crystal is a “mineral tan” that consists of various taxidermy tanning hides, pickling and neutralizing agents. This one product has the ability to not only pickle and tan deer hide, but neutralize, all in on step. If you want to know how to tan deer hide, starting all you need to do is simply mix the solution of 1 pound of BuckTan Crystals plus one gallon of water, per every deer hide that you would look to tan. Once this is done, set the hide in the solution, close the door, and set the timer for one hour of rotation. After this hour, depressurize the tank. Then one would open the door and remove the deer hide. What you will find is the hide is now tanned (see further instructions below). The BuckTan Crystal method is quick, easy and cost effective for tanning a deer hide and other various hides.

Keywords: Deer Hide Tanning, Tanning Hides, Taxidermy Supplies, Wildlife Taxidermy

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BuckTan Scour

By using BuckTan Scour in the Auto Tanner process, the “organic” oils and greases can be removed – allowing the synthetic oil (BuckTan Softening Oil) to enter the hide.

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BuckTan Softening Oil

BuckTan Softening Oil is an amazing oil that extends the “life” of a deer hide while assisting in a tan that is much more workable for the taxidermist.


Powder Coated Tanner

The Powder Coated AUTO TANNER provides high quality deer hide tan in ONLY 4 HOURS!

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Stainless Steel Auto Tanner

Stainless steel makes our auto tanner easier to maintain and increases the useful-life of the tanner.