Pooper Scooper

By: Lawn Poolice  03/09/2015
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When the daily tasks of dog ownership becomes too great, consider taking one burden off your plate with Lawn Poolice Pet Waste Removal Service. You could go as far as saying Lawn Poolice Pooper Scooper Service will give you enough time to enjoy your pooch by "lightening your load". Hiring a pet waste removal service is one of the easiest ways to add more time to your day and less stress to your life. With regular visits, your lawn will be clean and safe enough for Rover exercise with no problem. As a bonus, the neighbors offended by your buddy's special gifts will be eliminated when you choose Lawn Poolice Pet Waste Removal Service. Why hire a pooper scooper? 1) Dogs poop - as if you need a reminder 2) Their waste seems to multiple like rabbits over a brief time period. It's doesn't take long before your lawn is overrun by fecal frenzy. 3) Dog poop is hazardous waste and can contain any number of bacteria and parasites. Unfortunately, dogs don't wear shoes so the chance is great they step in their own poop and track it all over your home. The price of our pooper scooper service in the Greater Milwaukee area depends on several factors: number of dogs and the frequency of visits. By not cleaning your lawn, the cost could be much greater. If your pooch gets sick from an illness harbored in the waste, your medical bills will be much higher than the one you get from Lawn Poolice Pooper Scooper Service. Also, you can't put a price on a peaceful neighborhood which results from a well-kept lawn. It is much easier to have a pooper scooper service such as Lawn Poolice pick up after your furry pal. What are you waiting for? Contact us today to let us simplify your life.

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