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A strong brand will accelerate business performance, and has the power to lift your products and/or services from obscurity or commodity status to leading positions in your market. "Brand" is the recognition and personal connection that forms in the minds of your customers at every point of contact, including new media, traditional advertising, and even business documents and contracts. Brand Strategy The strategy establishes a focused direction that's agreed upon by our clients before creative development work begins. Based on a thorough discovery of the company, its product offerings, audiences and competitive market, the strategy defines: * Overall brand architecture, including company, product and service names and relationships * The differentiated position in the market * The hierarchy of messages designed to resonate with customersBrand Identity Based on the Brand Strategy, the Brand Identity provides the distinctive visual expressions of the company's values, personality and promise. The identity system consists of elements such as: * Name and logo that are used repeatedly to provide instant recognition in a crowded market* Purpose and personality through a well-defined color palette and a distinctive graphic design system* Verbal branding such as a tagline and category-defining phrases for products and servicesAll of these identity elements will be available for repeated application to give the brand its consistency, distinctiveness and recognition.Brand Management Brand management is an essential discipline. It is the guiding hand that promotes the brand, protects its integrity and moves it forward. * Planning coordinated launch and delivery of brand messages, both internally and externally, integrating with business and marketing plans to optimize impact and cost-effectiveness of projects. Brand management optimizes the overall priority, mix and rollout of projects to best connect with the customer* Actively cultivating brand understanding, adoption and ability among our client's staff who will be actively contributing to our customer's brand experience - providing them with brand training, assets and tools so they can consistently deliver "on-brand" communications* Measuring the brand's health, so that insights can be used not only to maintain brand alignment, but also to evolve the brand strategy, identity, experience and managementBrand Experience The goal of the Brand Experience is to enable a range of experiences that customers and other audiences will find meaningful, memorable, and associate explicitly with our client's brand. Actively managing the Brand Experience is the surest path to building brand trust, loyalty and advocacy. The Brand Experience discipline includes components such as:* Traditional and new media communication* Personal interactions and events * Function and reliability of products and services * Any other opportunities for our clients and their audiences to come into contact "Brand Experience" is aspiring: it speaks to the goal of making every point of contact with the customer and other audiences remarkable, engaging and compelling, and of clearly tying these positive experiences to your brand.

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