Per Page Optimization and Content Relevancy

Optimizing your website is no longer the a process that is acceptable. Duplicate content is also no longer acceptable.  You have not now consider optimizing per page.  Each page of your website has different information that is visible to the rest of the world.  Based on the visible content you will need to properly research how people search for the information on that page.This research will then provide the necessary guides to cover the following areas of each web page:- Header Tags like Titles, Description and Enhanced Meta Tags- H1 Tag- Link Title Descriptions- Image Descriptions- Enhancements to your visible text copyInterestingly enough the result of Per Page Optimization is that any web page of your website will be indexed and subsequently can become an entry point by a visitor.  The result of this process means that you no longer have your home page as the primary entry point, but an inside page.  The inside pages, therefore, require a call to action to bring the visitor back to your website's flow, which matches your business objective.Let us help you navigate through these ongoing changes on the Internet for both technical per page optimization and marketing per page optimization.

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