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3Z Restaurant
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212 964-0933
280 Broadway, New York NY, 10007-1868


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The most trustworthy restaurant in my area.

The most trustworthy restaurant in my area. They got the best food ever! I am deeply impressed by how they handled the service correctly with no hassles at all. They provided me a great service with a competitive food taste. Wow! I never thought this restaurant could provide my favorite foods this quick and efficient. Thumbs up!

Kendra Stephens - 08/12/2020

Oh, my! This restaurant was the best!

Oh, my! This restaurant was the best! The foods and drinks were tasty and flavorful. Besides, the waiter that entertained me at that time was very friendly, nice, and very good. No wonder that they have many customers because their way of entertaining was quite captivating. I will surely come back here. Thanks for the day!

Keir Mora - 08/12/2020

Beautiful place!

Beautiful place! Been there twice and had the same treatment as before. They are consistently accommodating and helpful. They have excellent service, great food, and beautiful decor. This place was so beautiful and it's very romantic. It can accommodate anything from a romantic dinner to a business meeting or a night out with a big group. Highly recommended!

Cataleya Serrano - 01/12/2020

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