How can I know that my air purifier filter needs replacement

The air filter is an important part of any air purifier. The purifier plays a vital part in cleaning the indoor air. You may not know but the polluted indoor air can be extremely harmful. Usually, our naked eyes can't trace those harmful air-borne particles and substances. The air purifier can efficiently remove those substances and allergens that are generally hazardous to health. But the problem occurs when the time comes to change the air filter. Suppose, you are thinking that Filters for EcoQuest air purifiers need replacement but you are not sure about it; in this case, one thing that can save you is knowledge. Before learning about when these filters require replacement, we should learn the basics about air purifiers' filters. Types of Air Purifier Filters HEPA Filter HEPA filters are one of the most popular filters. It is not just known for its longevity but it can catch up to 99% of all particles including smoke, pet dander, pollen, formaldehyde, etc. It removes all the toxic substances in the air. The effectiveness of trapping micron particles eases the removal of toxins and other harmful particles. Hepa filters for Fresh Air by EcoQuest are effective in performing the industrial sector. Carbon Filters Who doesn't know about carbon filters? They are effective in cleaning the households, especially those houses which have pets in them. It is effective in absorbing the fumes and odors. However, if you are using an air purifier to clean your room, you will need to have a larger air filter. A larger carbon filter is required to trap the dust, mites and other pollutants. Sometimes, in the market you can find air purifiers combined with carbon filters and HEPA filters. Permanent Filters Permanent filters are one of the most common filters that can be reused after washing, vacuuming and cleaning. It is recyclable and reusable. There is a problem with the permanent filter that it is difficult to clean the smaller filter. However, the permanent filter is a good option to filter the larger particles. The filter is effective in removing the allergens and odors if it is not properly maintained. Regular check-ups are required to make sure that the filter runs in optimal condition. Pre-Filters Pre-Filters are the systems that can effectively remove the smaller to larger contaminants. Air pre-filters are commonly used in air regulators such as vehicles and cars. It is often used in industrial sectors. These filters can be effectively used in removing pollutants like dust, pollen, and other chemicals. How can I know if the air purifier needs replacement? Quality of the air Air purifiers are generally used to improve air quality. It again depends on three factors i.e. Particulates, Allergens, and Gases. Suppose, you have switched on your air purifier but even after waiting for a long time, you have found no improvement. In this case, you need to understand that your Hepa filters for Fresh Air by EcoQuest may need replacement. Without replacing the filter, you can not get the optimal result. Frequency of Use Generally, the lifespan of an air purifier is based on its use. Suppose, you run the air purifier all the hours, you need to replace it as soon as possible. The frequency in use helps you to determine if you need to change the filters for EcoQuest air purifiers. Generally, you need to look for the following signs to understand if the filters require replacement. ● The indicator may give signals. ● Allergies generally become more active. ● You can notice visible layers of dust. ● Air purifiers generate unusual sounds. Hope that this article gives you a basic idea of air filter replacement. For Hepa filters for XL-15 or any other Filters for EcoQuest air purifiers, contact us.

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