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Normopharm Inc
Category: Mental & Behavioral Health

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no stress

We had some layoffs and work, and I've been constantly stressing about my position. Me and my buddy started taking Normotim to help overcome the stress, and we've both found that it really helps.

Barbara Janett - 26/02/2024

Normotim helped push me past that hurdle

Trying to lose weight is so demoralizing. You try and try for weeks just to see almost no results. Normotim helped push me past that hurdle, and thanks to it, I've actually started seeing results and the pounds come off. You still have to eat right, but Normotim helps for sure.

Barbara Thomas - 21/02/2024

Got more positive :)

After some layoffs at my job, my workload doubled and had me working on weekends, feeling burnt out. To help with stress at work, I started taking Normotim, and the results are pretty positive so far.

Cooper Rose - 04/02/2024

No extra weight anymore

Thanks (but no thanks lol) to my recent vacation I put on some weight. My seated office job wasn't helping either. Normotim helped to lose this extra weight, in addition to stuff like standing at my desk and drinking more water. I'm just glad there was a solution out there!

Mary Garnes - 31/01/2024

Great supplement

I noticed my son was getting really aggressive and irritable after playing video games for hours on end. We were growing concerned, and were recommended Normotim to help with game addiction. After a few weeks of using it, we've seen our happy boy start to return, and he seems more energetic.

Vi Thomas - 05/01/2024

Normotim helped to quit smoking

My doctor recently advised that I quit smoking (shocker), but I've never had the willpower to do that on my own. However, after trying Normotim, I was honestly surprised. Normotim helped to quit smoking, and now I don't feel like I have a completely dependence on cigarettes anymore. I didn't think it would work, but I guess anything's possible.

Teresa Stewart - 03/01/2024

Calm and happy

Big Apple life? A rush, but darn, it can weigh on you. A buddy mentioned Normotim by Normopharm one evening over pizza. Took a leap of faith and tried it. The gloomy clouds of stress and the sneaky pangs pushing me towards a smoke started fading. For anyone in NYC feeling the burn, Normopharm's Normotim might just be the wind beneath your wings. Worked for me!

Tammy Ramiro - 06/12/2023

helps to avoid bad habits

Discovered Normopharm's Normotim during a low phase in my life, and it was a game-changer. Not only did it help manage my depressive spells, but also curbed some unhealthy habits, proving their robust research and dedication. While the results are undeniably positive, I'd appreciate more transparency from Normopharm in terms of ingredient sourcing and more frequent updates on ongoing research.

Val Nicc - 19/11/2023

Reduce stress and help yourself

For years, I wrestled with crippling depression and unrelenting stress that threatened to derail my life. That's when I stumbled upon Normopharm and their outstanding product, Normotim. Their commitment to quality and wellness was evident from the get-go. Fast forward a few months, and I feel rejuvenated. Not only have my depressive episodes dwindled, but the overwhelming stress has become manageable. Bonus? My occasional drinking urges have diminished. Thanks to Normopharm, I've found my way back to a brighter life. If you're in a similar bind, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Normotim a try.

Michael Brown - 10/11/2023

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