Can I Administer A Trust Without An Attorney?

Although legal counsel is not required for the trustee to administer a trust, it is not advisable to undertake this take for the first time alone. Trust administration requires many steps that must be meticulously followed to ensure legal compliance. These steps can become confusing depending on the complexity of the estate. It is also possible that legal disputes may arise during a trust administration, at which point it is advisable to have legal counsel. What Are The Costs Associated With Trust Administration? Like most elements of trust administration, the costs and fees resulting from the process will also vary depending on the complexity of the estate and duration of administration. The Trustee will be responsible for paying fees including the following: attorney’s fees, trustee compensation (if any), court and filing fees, accounting fees, and appraisal and/or business valuation fees. The attorneys at Weiner Law assist in trust administration processes with the goal of eliminating as many obligations for our clients as possible. We represent beneficiaries, trustees, and grantors during this challenging time. Call our law office or request a complimentary, no-obligation evaluation to discuss how we can best serve you. Weiner Law 12707 High Bluff Drive Ste. 125 San Diego, CA 92130 (858) 333-8844

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