NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP

NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP


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NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP
Category: Fire & Water Damage Repair

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2 Washington St #77, Rockville Centre, NY 11570

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These guys saved my business!

The water extraction and drying company made both processes look easy as pie. I'm 1000% sure that my business wouldn't be in good condition right now if it wasn't for these guys!

Larry Ross - 31/05/2022

Hiring NY Water Damage Removal was an excellent decision of mine

They were prompt, professional and very affordable compared to other companies I spoke with who also offered great service but came at much higher prices! I'm so glad that my friend told me about them because they really live up their name - Their workers knew what it takes when dealing with water damages all day long :)

Nathaniel Berube - 31/05/2022

I had a leak in my apartment and called these guys!

They were at the scene within 20 minutes! The team helped me find out what to do about it with management so there wouldn't be any more damage. Not only did they get here quick but also fixed everything for good measure too - I would highly recommend them if you need help around your home or business with leaks and water damage repair!

William Bailey - 31/05/2022

These guys are no joke!

The water leak at my house was a disaster. I called NY Water Damage Removal's guys and they came in like gangbusters to fix the pipes, and clean up all of that wet debris and molds in no time!

Andrew Eberle - 31/05/2022

They saved our Airbnb apartment

Last night our Airbnb apartment got flooded and we were saved by the quick response time. These guys showed up within an hour to make sure everything was taken care of before it became too late!

Beverly Enoch - 31/05/2022

I am so confident that this company will do wonders so I shared it!

I have referred NY Water Damage Removal many times because I had an awesome experience with their water damage repair service so I referred them and I'm always pleased when I hear from my clients that they've had a great experience with this company. They are so professional and get the job done quickly, which is what we all want in our homes!

Margaret Liu - 31/05/2022

They solved my problem swiftly!

After my water line broke, the leak was beneath our home. We had no idea how much damage it could cause. Luckily for us, NY Water Damage Removal's team came out and fixed everything within hours without charging any extra fees or giving bad customer service like other companies might do in order make money off their customers' emergencies.

George Brown - 31/05/2022

These guys are the greatest!

They came to my house in less than 24 hours after I called them with a water damage problem. The service they provide is top notch and affordable for any budget!

Tracey Walker - 31/05/2022

We now have a healthy home again

The majority of our living room walls were covered in mold. The personnel from this company came and took care of everything for us. They covered the walls and furnishings with plastic sheets, sealed the space, and got to work. They dismantled all of the walls with easily, and after four hours of hard effort, they removed all of the mold.

Mariah Dominguez - 31/05/2022

5 stars is not enough of a rating for this company

The service from this company is amazing! They were so fast and efficient with their work. The price was great too, I didn't have to lift a finger because they took care of everything for me- what more could you want in life?

Katheryn Clayton - 30/05/2022

This company made saved my building from flood

On a weekend my building was flooded, they responded right away and cleared up the water. They removed all of the rot that can be seen! By Monday morning it looked like nothing had happened at all...

Agnes Gero - 30/05/2022

Bye bye mold! Thanks NY Water Damage Removal!

Mold is no joke and can be quite scary. I had a friend recommend NY Water Damage Removal to me, so when my mold grew out of control in our home I reached out for help! They were professional from start all the way through completion! You'll want their service if any mold or water damage problem occur in your homes!

Jay Church - 30/05/2022

Thanks for your great service!

They came, they sawed through the drywall where needed and sprayed anti-mold chemical. They reinstalled sheetrock while also cleaning up after themselves so that my place would be ready for paint! These guys were awesome - I'm glad we found them to do this job because you won't find anyone better than these pros who know what they're doing.

Amado Perez - 30/05/2022

They were able to restore our home in just one day!

They were professional, clear about their services and pricing--and excellent at what they do! We highly recommend them if you need water damage restoration services.

Cathy Noble - 30/05/2022

Consider Calling Them Guys!

Outstanding work! The staff were very helpful and professional. NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP knows what they are doing, so if you have any mold issues in the future I would definitely call them again for help-and recommend to others as well.

Thelma Pizano - 30/05/2022

Satisfaction definitely guaranteed!

I hired NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP on a few fire & water restoration jobs and I was very satisfied.

Jeff Thomas - 30/05/2022

This company's team are geniuses at what they do!!

These guys are the best in their field, and they treated my house like it was theirs. Now I don't have any more mold to worry about-you saved me from an ugly problem once again!

Danielle Cooper - 30/05/2022

They did a better job than the previous company I hired!

The team that NY Water Damage Removal sent us is the best! We cannot say enough good things about them. Not only were they on time, professional and efficient but also got our water damage repair done in no time at all--we're so glad we found someone who could help out when things went south with another contractor's workmanship.

Brain Luke - 30/05/2022

NY Water Damage Removal Simply Wonderful!

This company is just wonderful. I needed demolition work done quickly and he was able to help me out - including himself personally- in only hours! They handled all my repair needs as well; not only did they do an fantastic job but also followed up with regular updates on when things would happen so there were no surprises along the way at any point during these processes which made life much easier for myself (and probably less stressful too)! I could not thank you enough NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Cleanup Pros - Asap!

Kenneth A. Douglas - 30/05/2022

The guys from this company must be role models for every company!

NY Water Damage Removal and Flood Clean Up Pros - ASAP was the most respectful and hardworking employees that I've ever seen. They always went above-and-beyond to make sure my experience with them was nothing but positive, which is why they deserve five stars! If more people had their work ethic or attitude like these guys did then life would be great right?

Danny Sheets - 28/05/2022

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