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Category: General Education

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978 206-3922
31 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia, Victoria, MELBOURNE 3000

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Gamsat preparation program that I would recommend to others

A colleague recently asked me to look at GradReady, a Gamsat preparation course program for Australian medical students. We were keen to find some learning aids for their niece, who was taking part in medical school. The Gamsat daunted her, and we both wanted to find a good study guide that she could learn with. We found that GradReady looked to be a good place to start. The layout was excellent, the detail was informative, and they provided enough solutions to try out for free that could give her the opportunity she needed. Definitely, a Gamsat preparation program that I would recommend to others based on what I was able to find out from their platform.

Sean Moses - 19/07/2022

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